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        construction machinery

        Plastic moulds

        • Road Curbstone Series
        • Concrete Manhole Series
        • Cover and U drains
        • Interlocking pavers and blocks
        • Railway/highspeed way fence
        • Others for the Road project
        • Roman Pillars and Columns
        • Balustrade and Post
        • Window and Roof Lines
        • Flower Pots and Animal moulds
        • All fencing mould
        • Silicone and stamp moulds
        • Vibration Table
        • Pigment
        • NEW Products
        construction machinery equipment
        Plastic Mould for Concrete U drains 49.5x50x30.5

        Introduction of Concrete U drains:

         Concrete U-shaped trough is mainly used in farmland irrigation, cable trough and communication signal slot. It is a common concrete prefabricated product in municipal and agricultural fields. Along railways, stations, expressways, subways, mines, underground garages and urban public communication systems,

        Production process of precast concrete U-shaped Drains

        It can be manufactured by machine, the size can be customized.

        Now the best way is using plastic mould, and special specification can be produced by sheet steel mould.

        What are the advantages of plastic mold production?

        It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, reasonable structure, low cost, strong service life, strong corrosion resistance, simple construction, simple wiring and beautiful appearance