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        construction machinery

        Plastic moulds

        • Road Curbstone Series
        • Concrete Manhole Series
        • Cover and U drains
        • Interlocking pavers and blocks
        • Railway/highspeed way fence
        • Others for the Road project
        • Roman Pillars and Columns
        • Balustrade and Post
        • Window and Roof Lines
        • Flower Pots and Animal moulds
        • All fencing mould
        • Silicone and stamp moulds
        • Vibration Table
        • Pigment
        • NEW Products
        construction machinery equipment
        Many kinds of U groove plastic mould

        U groove plastic mould

        U groove plastic mold size, is the production of concrete U groove special mold, often used for high-speed, high-speed railway, highway, municipal engineering construction of U groove mold, the main function is drainage, avoid road water can effectively prevent the safety of vehicles and pedestrians

        Mold species

        U-shaped groove plastic mold engineering polypropylene as raw materials, different types of mold selection is also different, u-shaped slot mold, u-shaped channel steel mold, high-speed ∪ type slot mold, reservoir type ∪ slot mold, prefabricated u-shaped slot mold, highway u-shaped slot mold, roadbed u-shaped slot mold, drainage u-shaped slot mold, high-speed ∪ type slot mold, sump tank mold, cable tray mould, water channel steel mold, drainage channel steel mold, drain ∪ slot mold etc

        construction equipment sale
        construction equipment sale
        construction equipment sale